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Beige street art wall with black, white, orange text and letters and girl in black and white on swing in foreground



This mixed media street art painting transports the viewer to a world where street art meets children's play. 


The contrast between the soft beige background and the expressive street art elements creates a visual juxtaposition. It symbolises the intersection of innocence and urban vibrancy and aims to provoke reflection on the fleetingness of childhood and the lasting influence of urban development.



  • Weight & Size

    • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 2 cm 
    • Weight: 1.5
    • Shipping weight: 7
  • Tools & Techniques

    • Tools: Brush, Stanley knife, Magazine paper
    • Color: Grey, White, Black, Red, Orange, Beige, Light Blue
    • Technique: Painting, Collage
    • Medium: Canvas, Acrylic paint, Pencil, Paper, Pastel
  • Specifications

    • Surface: Canvas
    • Orientation: Vertical
    • Series: Cityscape and Urban on canvas
    • Theme: Street art, Pop art, Urban, Kids
    • Availability: 1 In Stock
    • Created in 2023
    • Signed certificate
    • Ready to hang

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