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Monochrome boy sits on grey pavement in pouring rain with greenish yellow background praying for less rain



Urban landscape / Street art painting about man-made climate change causing heavy rains and flooding. More than 70% of the earth's surface is water, and as the world warms, more water evaporates from oceans, lakes and soils. So when weather patterns lead to heavy rainfall, even more moisture is available for heavier downpours, increasing the risk of flooding and its severity.

For this little boy, playing in heavy rain after a long hot summer day may still be fun. But what does the future look like for him? How will climate change affect him?

  • Weight & Size

    • Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 2 cm 
    • Weight: 2
    • Shipping weight: 7
  • Tools & Techniques

    • Tools: Brush, Stanley knife, Scissors, Magazine paper
    • Color: Grey, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue
    • Technique: Painting, Collage
    • Medium: Canvas, Acrylic paint, Pencil, Paper
  • Specifications

    • Surface: Canvas
    • Orientation: Vertical
    • Series: Cityscape and Urban on canvas
    • Theme: Street art, Pop art, Urban, Kids
    • Availability: SOLD
    • Created in 2021
    • Signed certificate
    • Ready to hang

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