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Woman in dress, in black and white,  standing in dark water between green plants and leaves



“SILENT WATERS” is landscape art that shows a monochrome woman amidst abstract flora. Standing in ankle-deep water, she exudes a timeless presence reminiscent of vintage photography.


The strong contrast between black and white enhances the mysterious appearance and draws the viewer into a tranquil story. Surrounded by plants and shrubs, she becomes a sign of resilient and silent strength in the face of the unknown.


This painting invites contemplation to ponder the depths of her existence amidst the serene yet enigmatic surroundings.

  • Weight & Size

    • Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 2 cm 
    • Weight: 2.5
    • Shipping weight: 7
  • Tools & Techniques

    • Tools: Brush, Paint Roller
    • Color: Grey, White, Black, Green, Blue
    • Technique: Painting
    • Medium: Canvas, Acrylic paint, Pencil, Pastel
  • Specifications

    • Surface: Canvas
    • Orientation: Square
    • Series: Landscape on canvas
    • Theme: Nature, Season, Woman
    • Availability: 1 In Stock
    • Created in 2023
    • Signed certificate
    • Ready to hang