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Street Art on Canvas by db Waterman

Street art is a form of urban art.

It is an (usually) illegally placed work of art in public space and therefore accessible to everyone. Just as quickly as it arises, it disappears again. Street art appears in many forms. In this article you can read more about this art form and its techniques.

Image of a db Waterman urban artwork.

What is street art?

Street art is characterised by originality and tells a story: a political message, a fist against commerce, a critical eye, a parody or a personal story. The artists almost always remain anonymous or are known within a small group of people. When you keep an eye on street art works in a city for a while, you can see from the 'signature' whether something was made by the same person. Since street art is still illegal, an important condition is that it must be applied quickly. Often the artists already prepare a lot of work at home.

Why street art?

Street art artists want to brighten up the city. They want to oppose the large billboards and neon signs and give the passers-by food for thought. It is also often difficult for artists to find a place to show their work. The street can then be a perfect location.

Street art has since been picked up by commerce as a cheap promotional channel. Think of bands, nightlife, etc. But the art world is also showing its interest. You see that a number of street artists such as Banksy move from the street to galleries and international art fairs where a lot of money is paid for a work.

What is the difference between Graffiti and Street Art?

Street art usually means something other than graffiti, which fits more within the hip-hop scene. Graffiti works are often names (tags) or brands applied with a spray can or marker.

Street Art by db Waterman

Dutch artist db Waterman creates contemporary street art artworks with an intrinsic urban-cool feel. With her artworks she tries to approach the atmosphere and the image of the real Street Art. By copying the backgrounds on which Street art is made; old city walls with a weathered appearance. But then on a canvas.

On top of that comes a Pop Art-like image to complete the Street art image.

The colours that db waterman uses for this kind of artwork are usually colourful and cheerful.


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