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How to choose the perfect painting for your living room?

Are you planning to redecorate your living room? Have you already moved your furniture and painted the walls a different color? Or do you prefer a less rigorous approach? By hanging the perfect painting, you can give your living room a completely different look. With a good choice of art in your living room, you can create the atmosphere that suits you.

Image of interior design with db Waterman's artwork for a living room.

The db Waterman' comes in different shapes, sizes and genres. For larger-sized paintings on canvas, smaller-sized paintings on canvas, work on paper and digital art, please contact db Waterman. And of course for a custom work of art!

The importance of art

Having appropriate art is important because:

  • Art broadens your image

  • It appeals to your creativity

  • Art makes the space personal

  • You make a statement with art

  • Contrast or interplay

One of db Waterman's tips for the design of your living room is the following:

Decide in advance whether you want to continue certain shapes or styles with your painting, or whether you want to create a contrast. Suppose you have a stylish square or rectangular table top and you are looking for a painting for the wall in the dining area. Then you can consciously choose square and/or rectangular shapes in the painting, so that the elegance continues from the work of art to the table. If your dining table is very modern, an urban work of art fits very well with it.

The same applies to colours. When decorating your living room, you can choose colours in the same color palette as the rest of the interior, or make a statement by choosing a contrasting color. This will give you a completely different effect.

The perfect painting is personal

One of the most important tips for art in your living room is to make it personal. Don't just choose something, but find something that really suits you. Something that you click with, that makes you happy, or that you feel a strong passion for. Furnishing your living room in this way creates an atmosphere that suits you exactly, so that you feel completely at home. Visitors immediately get an impression of your character. So don't hang something randomly on the wall, but think carefully about the subject, genre and style beforehand.

Other practical tips for choosing a painting for your living room

If you have chosen your painting with care, you must of course make sure that the artwork actually comes into its own. Some practical tips are:

  • Ensure a good wall / painting ratio

  • Make sure you have good lighting

  • Hang the painting at a good height

  • Choose a suitable frame for works of art on paper; sleek or romantic, with or without a passe-partout

  • Avoid reflections on frames with a glass or glossy finish

  • Note the width effect. Keep the shape of the wall. Is your wall wider than it is high? Then choose a horizontal painting, or a painting that consists of several panels. If your wall is higher than it is wide, a square or vertical painting will come into its own.

For a nice effect of a painting in your living room, it is therefore important that you think carefully beforehand about the desired atmosphere that you want to express.

db Waterman understands that it is very difficult to picture in your head the effect of your chosen painting on the place of your choice. That is why db Waterman's customers can take advantage of the two-week trial period. Are you not so satisfied with the end result? Then you can exchange or return the purchased painting. See return policy.


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