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Art Inspiration: Children and Innocence

Children are an inspiration for db Waterman's art. Their ability to transcend a certain rotten situation is astonishing. Playing tag in the ruins of a bombed Syrian city. Playing football in the most miserable neighbourhoods.

They are always looking for the light. They will save the future that our generations have really screwed up, without even blaming us for it. If only we could keep the kid inside ourselves a little more, we wouldn't be in such a mess. Art can help us regain our childhood innocence.

An urban style artwork on paper by db Waterman, showing an industrial background against which a young child is playing.

The recurring themes in db Waterman's portfolio are now more relevant than ever. db Waterman's artworks depict the current state of the world and how our children grow up in an often unfair and deteriorating environment. Yet the very ability of children to overcome difficult situations and find joy and light in the darkest environment is the much-needed hope for the future.

Sustainability is also integrated in the paintings through the materials that db waterman uses. Most of these materials are recycled to be used in the artworks.


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