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Art Inspiration: Advertising Posters & Peeling Paint

An image of a wall filled with old advertising posters that are peeling.

db Waterman has always had a fascination with walls filled with old posters, peeling paint, scrappy billboards and weathered paint. Completely unintentionally, these inspired a new way of creating her art, in which she feels comfortable and at home.

What started as copying old walls with worn posters has grown into a large number of series with new visual stories. Not just eclecticism, but bringing together many seemingly disjointed storylines into a whole new story, db Waterman's own personal story. The challenge was mainly to copy old walls with weathered and torn advertising posters. These kinds of walls can often be found in the city center and in old buildings.

db Waterman has therefore made a whole series of photos depicting these kinds of walls. Also, the walls with weathered stones and peeling paint are a huge attraction for db Waterman. These two elements combined in a work of art provide a unique and new whole, which is often the background for the paintings of db Waterman. Carefully constructed with many different layers. Exactly as the old weathered walls have developed over time. db Waterman has found her own unique way of working for this, which cannot be seen anywhere else. And this is just the base, the underground.

A painting will be placed over that, which you can read more about in one of the next blogs.


_MG_4710 klein - kopie - kopie.jpg

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