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db Waterman's Swing Series

Explore a Deeper Message in Uplifting Artwork

Dutch artist db Waterman has captivated audiences with her series "Children on a Swing." While the initial image evokes a sense of a carefree childhood with bright colours and playful swings, db Waterman delves deeper.

More Than Nostalgia:  The series goes beyond mere nostalgia for simpler times. While some swings may represent a yearning for the past, db Waterman uses them to address the realities faced by children around the world.

Resilience in All Circumstances: db Waterman portrays children in diverse environments - war zones, poverty-stricken slums, and even luxurious high-rises. Despite their circumstances, the children in the paintings exude a spirit of resilience and a search for joy.

Resonance in Today's World: db Waterman emphasises the increasing relevance of her themes. Her art reflects the challenges children face in our complex world, marked by inequality and environmental concerns.

Hope for the Future:  Despite the hardships depicted, db Waterman's art offers a glimmer of hope. The children's ability to find joy and light, even in difficult situations, serves as a powerful testament to the human spirit.

Discover the Collection: Explore the full range of "Children on a Swing" artworks and delve deeper into db Waterman's message.


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