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Art Inspiration: Environment & Pollution

Environment and pollution as art inspiration.

You can't have missed the word 'plastic soup'; you see it almost daily in the news. It's about litter, animal suffering and your own health.

Image of a db Waterman painting showing a background of plastic bottles and a boy trying to walk through them.

Plastic is versatile and very cheap to produce, so it's no surprise it's used so much. But once produced, it stays forever! And that's why it doesn't belong in our environment.

Humans invented plastic and it harms animals. They eat it, get caught in it, or get sick of it. The plastic pollution occurred so quickly that animals were unable to adapt their behaviour around this new material.

We think plastic is safe to use, but more and more scientists are warning us. Plastic is also unhealthy for humans. Plastic is an evasive and troublesome substance. Especially the smallest plastic particles are a danger to our health.

Besides the sources of inspiration 'children' and 'old weathered walls', the environment and in particular environmental pollution is a very important subject for db Waterman.

With her artworks 'IT SEEMED SUCH A GOOD IDEA' and 'WHAT A WASTE', db Waterman tries to make clear that all plastic seems very practical at first, but has led to an enormous mountain of waste from which humanity has not yet been released. Even worse; our children grow up with it and have to live and play in a world full of pollution.


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