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db Waterman at Online Exhibition 'the Butterfly Effect'

Image of a db Waterman painting that was sent to the butterfly effect exhibition.

Have you ever wondered how a tiny butterfly's flutter can trigger a global storm? This concept, known as the "butterfly effect," beautifully illustrates the power of seemingly small actions. Just like the butterfly, art too can have a profound impact on society.

This butterfly effect exhibition explores the ways art acts as a catalyst for change. From challenging societal norms to sparking emotional responses, art has the unique ability to shift perspectives and inspire action.

Throughout history, artists have used their craft to voice concerns, advocate for ideals, and even ignite social movements. Artworks can serve as powerful tools for communication, fostering empathy and understanding across cultures and generations.

Why visit the Butterfly Effect exhibition?

Discover how art, like the butterfly effect, can create ripples of change.

Explore how artists use their creativity to address social issues.

Gain a deeper appreciation for the power of art to move and inspire.


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