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Art Eindhoven 2020: A Hometown Exhibition

On 12 and 13 September 2020, the Art Eindhoven exhibition and art fair took place. A jury had selected 115 artists from the Netherlands as well as other countries to showcase their art. I was very honoured and happy to participate in this exhibition. It was incredibly interesting seeing and meeting many different artists from various backgrounds, who represented a wide variety of art forms. ​

Aerial view of Art Eindhoven, a large art exhibition and art fair in the Southern Netherlands.

Eindhoven, located in the south of the Netherlands is a very urban city. It is pioneering in the fields of technology, design and urban culture. My art fits in very well in this culture, given that I create a lot of cityscapes or works resembling street art. Moreover, the location of the Art Eindhoven fair, Strijp S, is one of the up-and-coming areas of the city. It is a very vibrant area, where particularly creative minds come together. I have actually used some imagery of what Strijp S used to look like in some of my previous artworks.


_MG_4710 klein - kopie - kopie.jpg

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